Tuesday Jan 8th 2019 - Tuesday Feb 12th 2019

7:30pm - 8:30pm

BACHATA: All-Levels

Instructor: Patrick
Bachata is a super fun and hot Latin dance that has become extremely popular over the past few years. In this course we will take you through some of the most trending styles in the scene today. Everything from Dominican Bachata, Sensual Bachata, Urban Bachata and the Traditional style.
Whether your a novice or an experienced Bachata dancer this class is for you.

No Partner Required.

302 Carlaw Ave. Unit 105, Toronto, On

$105.00 (6 Weeks) $20.00 (Drop In)
Prices include HST

Please be advised that for all of Cadence classes there are no refunds for missed classes (group or private). Rescheduling of a class is at the discretion of the Cadence Instructor

Wednesday Jan 9th 2019 - Wednesday Feb 13th 2019


SALSA: Intermediate Level 3

Instructor: Clifton
Building on our skills that we have built up in the Beginner levels, we will now focus on more intricate shines and turn patterns to challenge you. We will also explore different styles of Salsa by learning how to transition from dancing 'Salsa On 1' to 'Salsa On 2'.

302 Carlaw Ave. Unit 105, Toronto

$105.00 (6 Weeks) $20.00 (Drop In)
Prices include HST

Thursday Jan 10th 2019 - Thursday Feb 14th 2018


SALSA: Beginner Level 4

Instructor: Clifton Stennett
An introductory course building on what you learned in Beginner Level 3. We will have a continued focus on timing, being one with the music, paying attention to your partner and enjoying the dance. This course also focuses on the importance of "Shining" (dancing by yourself).

302 Carlaw Ave. Unit 105, Toronto, On

$105.00 (6 Weeks) $20.00 (Drop In)
Prices include HST